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10-09-2007, 08:16 AM
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I've been using the same Sherwood shin pads for 10 + years, although it is almost time to retire them becasue the padding is falling out (maybe only a restitch). I just bought a new pair of skates, but my old ones lasted me 10 + years. I bought a used pair of elbow pads about a month ago, but again my old ones lasted 10 + years, and I only bought them because they're the ones I've wanted since I was 14 (26 now). My gloves and shoulder pads are about 7 years old.

With the exception of the skates, nothing here was top of the line stuff 10 + years ago. I air dry it after every use as soon as I get home. It decorated my mothers living room, and I have since moved on to the deck of my place. It stinks, but no one seems to mind. I didn't take out the insoles of my old skates and the rivets didn't wear out, but the screw that holds the blade to the boot/casing wore out and the blade wiggled a little bit.

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