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03-19-2004, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by nuckfan in TO
of course... but now you're just opening up the whole CBA can of worms....

from the teams mentioned for example... Boston and Chicago have their owners to blame for as much of their troubles as the new NHL economy... there are many other successful teams that have done well with less money than either Boston or Chicago spend, and they've done this in smaller markets as well... there's a problem in management, there's a problem in how they spend their money, and where they spend it, and how much they wish to profit from it... definitely no easy answers - but I'm willing to bet that if both those markets had successful hockey teams they wouldn't have problems in the stands...

as for New Jersey, the problem is totally different... they are successful, have been good money managers, but have other things they have to deal with... such as competing in that NY market... having their arena were it is, and expecting people to fill it on a regular weekday night having to deal with 2hrs of traffic each way through a nightmare of a tunnel or whatever other route they take.... the are no doubt problems there, and this might just be one - if it is a problem at all....
How much better does Boston need to be to see more fans?

Your analysis of the Chicago and New Jersey situations are pretty accurate, although the Nets don't seem to have as much trouble filling the place compared to the Devils.

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