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10-09-2007, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Irish Blues View Post
Corporate wise, MSG could absolutely do it. Toronto and Montreal could probably do it given sheer demand from fans.

Given construction limitations [available space, ADA requirements, safety concerns] it'll never happen in New York; considering neither arena is 10 years old, it'll never happen in Montreal and Toronto. [Never mind the fact that limited supply = higher price = higher revenues = higher profits.]
So more tickets = less money? Wow. Why didn't MLSE think of that? They should just reduce it to 10,000 seats and watch profits skyrocket!

Think about it. the 20,000 who are already there will pay just as much as they are now. There may be lesser demand for the additional 10,000 seats, but you can still charge something for them. 10,000 X something = a lot.

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