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03-19-2004, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by GG#60
you mean hooligans and stuff?
PLease NOT, i can't stand soccer, it's so big in europe, you see anytime everywhere on tv. Soccer: world's game, the game of the youth and so on and so on. I can't stand this crap.


Please don't try to recreate soccer stadium ambience at the bell centre
PLEASE! I don't mean starting up fight or anything, it just chants! Its and incredible feeling to be in a stadium while tousands of people are chanting the same thing! It would be better than just Olé olé or Nah nah nah! I mean, i lived in Europe a couple of years ago, and since I've watched a foot ball game down there, it changed my life! The croud is so electric!

Originally Posted by Catala
hmmm plz don't start bashing soccer as it is my sport and i love it as much as hockey... i could talk hours and hours with you about what makes those 2 sports GREAT sports...

And habstrak is right, some more original songs from our habs would be great. there isn't much thatmatch the ambiance of a Marseille/PSG game with 70 000 people singing in "unison" for their team...

Wait, i have to admit the Forum's ambiance was very close. as well as the olympic stadium in 95 (good times my friends, good times)
Originally Posted by English Hab
Well being a english soccer hooligan.... i'd tend to agree with Catala on this one... I've seen soccer games in both England and Spain and to be honest the bell centre is the closest to ever recreating such an amazing sporting atmosphere... to be honest i've seen alot of north american sports, football, hockey, baseball and bball.... and none have come close to representing that sort of feeling... Just standing in a crowd chanting and cheering together!!!! just unbelieveable.... and until you've tried it don't knock it. However the bell centre is soooo close... I don't expect it to be like a soccer game.. and i never would, though its that type of atmosphere that makes players like kovalev say "hes never heard a crowd as loud or as supportive of its team...."

I'm glad I'm not the only one with those feelings!

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