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10-09-2007, 04:30 PM
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Seeing how the absolute worse seats in the Bell Centre still have a very decent view of the game, they could conceivably build an arena with a similar design adding a few thousand more seats (maybe go up to the 25k-26k range). Any more than that though and you're really stressing it unless the engineers can come up with a radically new seating design (or you do away with the corporate boxes, haha yeah right!).

Even if it's doable, those new seats would have to be considerably cheaper because, again using the Habs as the example, with the current trend of increasing ticket prices, the nosebleed seats are rapidly becoming a bad cost/experience ratio compared to watching it at home or in a sports bar.

As the HD broadcasts become more widespread and the large screen TVs become more affordable, it becomes a rather poor choice to pay as much money as some teams are charging to watch from the nosebleeds and the choice would get considerably worse with seating beyond the 22k mark.

You could argue that "true fans would rather watch it in the arena" and "better experience yadda yadda" and while I agree that watching the occasional game from the nosebleeds is fun and all, you certainly wouldn't get me to pay for season tickets that far from the ice.

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