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03-19-2004, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Lambert Closse
Does anyone remember a Stanley Cup winner ou finalist with a less than spectacular goalie? IMO this year a few teams are going in the playoffs with a just above average goalie.

Is Philly going to use Esche or Burke?
Aebischer made some great saves yesterday against Ottawa but lost the game.
Toronto's Belfour isn't at his best and Kidd is far from a great goalie.
I haven't seen a lot of Cloutier or Lalime but from what I heard there not having great sesson either. They might rebound in the playoffs.

What do you think?
Chris Osgood...

Nice to know people still buy into every idiotic thing that the media says... (Rollseyes)

If you're talking about his performance on ice try looking at his satistics over the last 10 games he's played.

If you're talking about health, it was a muscle pull on the right side that kept him out. He's normal injury that often happens is on the left side and just a little background information... Belfour won his stanley cup in Dallas well playing through the left side pull.

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