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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Not necessarily. I understand exactly what you're getting at, but in a city where the demand is that high, there is more demand for tickets. Just picture yourself as a lower-bowl season ticket holder at the ACC. Are you going to give up your seat or expect to pay less if the arena gets bigger?
But is that demand depends on the price and quality of the ticket. If the cost of building and maintaining five to ten thousand more seats is higher than what fans will pay to sit that far away, then they won't be filled. Lets say that the cheapest seat in arena X is 45 dollars. You then add 6,000 seats that are higher and farther away, but the only way to make a profit of those seats (both in terms of construction and infrastructure) is to charge $40. Are fans really going to pay that much to sit in a seat that is far away from the ice? The demand for the previously existing seats will remain the same, but the demand for the new seats may be significantly lower.

I think the only way to make this work is if you designed the seating to be radically vertical, perhaps even with higher decks overhanging lower ones. That way you might be able make the viewing experience from those higher decks nice enough to warrant the prices that you would have to charge.

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