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Originally Posted by XweekendwarriorX View Post
we had HS practise at 545 til 715 every day for a month than every other day after are first game started. the best thing to do i found was to eat a little bit before you went to bed than have something little or medium such as toast or a bowl of cereal or oatmeal. ceral i nver liked the milk made a bad tase in my mouth and kinda wanna puke during drills.
I agree, milk is not the best before a work out as milk makes mucus and phlegm which are not good for moving and breathing. Also, milk has a lot of fat which is not good for digestion especially when shaken up from a skate. And most importantly, lactose (milk sugar) leads to lactic acid which is muscle break down and not good. Keep dry, think balance. Protein + carbs (both simple and complex) + vitamins/minerals. I'd recommend something with as many grains as you can find (whole wheat is good but flax or 12 grain is better). The bagel with peanut butter is good (I always take a table spoon of PB straight up before hockey, works wonders) take some OJ with calcium and an apple for the car ride if you want.

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