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03-19-2004, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Modano = God
They were all victims of 2 cinderella stories, it happens once in like a decade. Whatabout the fact that the East haven't had a different winner then the Devils when the Rags won it in 1994? Whereas the West have had 3..
Congrats, cinderella was too nice for you..
So it was a fairy tale? or make that two fairy tales ...

Was a fairy tale also to blame for one of your big three missing the playoffs two years ago ??

I guess the fact that Roy and Belfour no longer reside in the Western conference isn't too important either ...

We're not talking about 1994, or 96 or even 2000 ... we're talking about today.

Teams and conferences change over time. The Stars Cup win in 1999 means very little, when they have only 4 remaining players from that team (Modano, Lehtinen, Zubov and Matvichuk)

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