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Originally Posted by melubsdonna View Post
Hey guys,

I'm new to hockey and i'm looking into buying the following: pants, shoulder pad, elbow pads, knee pads. How long are they expected to last? I ask because I have a choice of spending a lot of money for good quality stuff (e.g. $200 pants) or buying much cheaper gear that will suffice. If equipment doesn't last long, I won't pay a lot for it. I play in a no body checking league and plan to play hockey more intensively as time goes on. The main reason I'd want better equipment is for the fit, as I find the cheaper stuff slow me down when i play.

Of the items i listed, i think i would go out of my way to spend the most on pants. Is that practical? my rationale is that I want to be as fast as possible and I need pants that fit perfectly. Should pants fit comfortably loose or very snug and fitted? Thanks guys.
I wouldn't buy the most expensive pads right away because you don't really know what you like and dislike about any of it. For example, you can buy the most expensive shinpads, but maybe later on you wish they were an inch or two shorter or weren't as bulky in some area. It's a lot harder to justify throwing away expensive pads. I actually use lower end pads because they tend to be less bulky (at the expense of protection), so I guess I have the opposite problem as you. I do have higher end pants for better tailbone / lower spine protection. I'm pretty sure I'd be just as slow in cheaper pants

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