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03-19-2004, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Trottier
I'm wondering where all this "hubub" you speak of was coming from? As one who was a fan circa '89, I respectfully consider that hyperbole.

I was really young at the time, but from what I can remember their was talk on the hockey shows about moving all the canadian teams into one division to prevent this from happening again, how the all canadian final was detrimental to the growing of hockey down south. (I think they were gearing up for expantion and future tv deals.) Stuff like that. A normal hockey game was basically drawing nothing and the canadian finals was drawing even less.

As it stands now hockey is being killed in the rateings by sports like lawn bowling and darts making a new tv deal very unlikely.

I disagree with the idea that Americans only want to see American athletes, I don't know anyone who feels that way, that's a myth perpetuated by non-Americans IMO, and I've never seen any type of study on it. If that were true, baseballs' numbers would be 10 times worse than they are now, yet some of the most popular MLB players aren't U.S. born.
This isn't really an acurate parellel. Baseball is already embrased by america. Your example is more closely comparable to Canadians embracing hockey despite a strong european contingent.

The reason I mention this is that I was thinking how profesional soccor, the most popular game in the world failed in North America. And how the only globally aknowledge sporting events Americans seem to care about, tennis, olympics, golf are events where america usually have dominant presence. And besides I do feel that (I'd hate to generalize) the avg american dosn't really care what goes on outside of it's boarders. FYI, half my familly are american and I spent alot of my childhood in Seattle and NJ and have spent significant portions of my adult life going to school and working in the Seattle area.

There are no vastly inferior sports. If someone enjoys watching golf or bowling - what can I say - my sport is better? That's crap. I hate watching soccer on TV, so 80% of the world thinks I'm stupid. That's their opinion, and I can't change it. Just like I don't care if people don't want to watch hockey..
It wasn't my intention to belittle other sports, I was just making examples on how other niche sports are flourising in america and how these particualr niche sports are either Indidinous to america or have a strong american contigent. BTW since the words were mine they were obviously IMO, and IMO they are vastly inferiour sports! relax a little brotha! Shy

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