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03-19-2004, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Rangers_23
While I agree that the marketing team for the NHL is doing a subpar job, comparing it to the way the NBA markets its players is somewhat unfair.

The NBA has always marketed basketball as an INDIVIDUAL sport (IE Jordan vs. Barkley, Shaq vs. Yao), while hockey and other sports have focused on marketing the team aspects of the game rather than focusing on individual stars.

Perhaps the NHL should market hockey as more of an individual battle between 2 players rather than a team sport.
I'm not asking for players to get marketed alone, i'm asking for the game to get marketed. And part of that is individual players and their talents. The point I made about the NBA is that they can market idiots and still sell the game. The NHL doesn't even market idiots. Atleast the NBA actively pursues new fans. ESPN tries to do something, but that's all it amounts to, " a try ".

One would think that with the influx of European talent, the changing dynamics of the game and the fact that four teams on the west coast get no coverage at all ( except cable game broadcasts ), the NHL would attempt to market the game a little better than they are now. How can anyone be turned on to hockey when " The Worlds Fastest Tree Trimmer " get's more airtime than an L.A -vs- Detroit game?

If the NHL marketed Philly's defense, Ottawa's offence, Nashvilles toughness, maybe mention the glory of the Stanley Cup, people would see the world of hockey in a different light. Instead, because of the lack of hockey coverage Bertuzzi steals the spotlight. Who wouldn't be interested in a breakaway goal? The fans going crazy when the goal-light ignites or when a huge check changes the tempo of the game? Certainly I would. No matter how you look at it, individual players attract the fan base. #99 brought people to the rink, so does #66. But do we ever see a commercial showcasing those skills? NO. And why not? Because hockey doesn't even attempt to invest in a larger fan base.

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