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03-19-2004, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
i dunno, all of em were pretty mixed.

i think they were excited for the players per say but i remember most people being confused as to a grand plan.

i think of it kind of like this.

If everyone starts coming up and telling you how great you are out of left field you're gonna like it, but you're gonna be fairly leery as well because you dont know why.

i think with each successive trade the excitement and faith went down more and more. Finally with Jagr it was just about 50/50 with more people probably being unhappy with it.

But the casual fan cheers no matter what. fortunatly on these boards we tend {as a whole} to be a little more knowledgable.
Interesting take... You'd know more then me, I haven't been around THIS board much. It was my impression that fans became very disgruntled with the Rangers after January 1, 2004. There were peaks and valley's along the way..... more valleys and anthills, but anger set in after this past New Years - at least from what I can tell. I am only in NYC about 30% of the time though, so again, you'd know more than I.

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