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03-19-2004, 06:56 PM
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yes sather did do a good job at cleaning house. however that is no excuse for the last 4 years but i'm sure he bought some time for dolan. but what i liked most was the kind of guys sather was picking up. i noticed a trend in character, work ethic, and poise in most of these guys. the kid from edmonton, kid from sens, two kids from toronto, and the kid from philly. all these kids were noted for being tough, having a strong work ethic, and a character player.

maybe... da ding, you got it, our team needs players to compliment the all-stars. these guys played like they were on an all-star team instead of in a playoff hunt. there was no culture, no unity, no core anymore. these guys look like they will be the start of the core. mccarty, draper, alfredson, pandolfo, brelin, madden are all core guys that are not superstars. there is no reason we can't focus on developing all the character in the line-up, maybe one or two gamebreakers will come through (jessiman), and then with our resources add on a super star or two and we got ourselves a contender.

it really isn't hard to win with an unlimited budget. if glen completely rebuilt right when he got the team, we would be a young emerging conference condtender. imagine a year we lose so much we get kolvachuk, and then we put hitchcock on the bench. basically what he had to do and tell management they are going to have to sacrafice the next 3 years. they should expect 2 more playoff misses, with a shot of getting there the 3rd year. if he tore it down, made some trades for prospects, put up a young team with waiver trash for two years and stock up high #1's, that third summer you can buy a good player or two. do the right things you got a perennial contender. imagine having kolvachuk and pitkanen with zach parise waiting in the wings. imagine what kind of return we could have had the last few years with high #2 picks. weren't people saying last year 2nd rounders were like high #1's cause it was so deep? could have happened. i'm confident when i say thats the kind of thing i really wanted and hoped would happen when sather came. imagine kolvachuk scoring 50 goals every year, pitkanen and leetch are the top scoring pair in the league and top plus/minus, Jagr gives use the best 2nd line right winger in history, trade for chris drury last summer was a good move, we shed off a vet or two to make room for some guys who need to get out of hartford, and make the 6 or 7 spot.

sather bought some time, but he didn't buy another 4 years. i predict the franchise is gonna do something stupid and blow it.

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