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03-19-2004, 09:31 PM
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Game Comments

Montreal should have lost this one, we were lucky, which is ok - as long as we show 'em who's the boss tommorow! I think we learned a few things though...

I've already said my peice on Dagenais (see other post), so how about I just make a general comment here. INTENSITY (or lack there of) IS CONTAGIOUS! We have quite a few players with offensive abilities that are known to put in less than 100%. IMO, this is fine, as long as there are only one or two of them out there. Dags, Perreault, Ribs, Kovalev are all prone to this, and they all showed it by the second period. Next thing you know, every forward on the ice (except possibly Ward and Koivu) had slowed down a notch and it resulted in a horrendous 3rd. period. The NUMBER ONE reason we are doing so well right now, is because BEGIN and DOWD came in to displace the cancerous floaters that we had on all of our lines earlier in the year. Dagenais, is obviously out after tonight. Let's hope Ryder gets that #2 unit hustling again.

GARON: Solid, forget the overtime, as good as those saves looked he was just lucky. What I like about this guy is that he's so calm - almost so calm in net he looks lazy - but he is always in position to stop the puck (a big guy obviously, fills the net up like Gigeure or Roy). He is flexible too though, capable of a big save (ala Brodeur)...what more can I say, he might even be steadier, if not actually better, than Theodore.

WARD: Brilliant hustle. No man deserves a second line spot at some point in our last few regular season games more than Jason. That said, he will be a valuable 4th line spark plug for us in the play-offs.

BRISEBOIS: Wow, we actually missed this guy offensively. Against a stifling team like Jersey it would have been nice to have him helping us break out of our end.

DYKHUIS: It's nice to be able to say that "Ok" is no longer good enough for the Hab's uniform. Dykhuis played "Ok", but he always looked nervous with the puck and couldn't connect a pass through the neutral zone to get us into Jersey territory. Hopefully we won't have to see him again.

THE CUBE: I really want Bouillon to be a main stay defenceman in MTL for years to come.

KOMI: Very tough nosed game by Komisarek. He is maturing slowly, still makes mistakes, but damn, he could be really good in 2 or 3 years if he keeps on his continuous incline.

KOVALEV: I really don't care if Kovalev registers points or not. The fact is we haven't had a stick handler or a skater as good as him in Montreal since Guy Lafleur. The guy is simply spectacular in that regard. To me, even though he may not be the greatest set up man, and his shot (which never hits the net) is over-rated, he can always get opposing teams on edge. He whips around the offensive zone like a bullet, no one can touch him when he has the puck and soon the other team is spinning. He is a momentum builder. Keeping puck possession for that long deep in enemy territory tires out the chasers and creates huge pressure. I think we'll see him getting lots of second assists, being the guy who starts the play either all the way from the Montreal zone, or after creating turn overs in the middle. And if he ever starts getting on the end of some of Ribiero's passes that line will be potent! As long as he doesn't dog it too badly, we have ourelves a super-duper-star, enough said. One last thing to say about Kovalev, I noticed him carrying the puck towards New Jersey and finding no one paralell with him that he could send the puck forward to. I might have just been imagining it, and I'm no hockey guru, but it looked to me like Ribs and Dags are just the type of line mates who are too damn slow to keep up and join the rush with this guy.

*(A couple Jersey comments)

MADDEN: Wouldn't you like to have a player like Madden? This guy has to be considered among the best in the game. Defensive forwards don't get the praise they deserve, and this guy, although people do know who he is, should be recognized as an all-star every season.

KOZLOV: Wish we picked him up. I know he's a notorious floater, but for the price we could have paid...imagine...



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