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10-11-2007, 08:20 PM
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find a tennis court/smooth surface and just go and practice. You can use one of those orange pucks but they are light as mess, id say look for an inline league puck, a little heavier so it can translate better if you try to play ice in the future. Do you use a ball in the street hockey games? if so practice with that. Basically what I would do is pick a target, say a fence post or something or if you have a net aim for the corners. easier to practice that way. What I did to develop my shot is get a puck(i used ice on a real flat nice surface) and just kept shooting at top left until i got 3 in a row, then switched to top right, bottom right, low left and so on. 3 in a row is tough, and you take about 20 shots twards that one target regardless. Thne I want to different angles. Say a little bet off the goal line on the right wing and just tried "sniping' the upper part of the net where there would be a hole on a goalie. LIke stated, diffferent angles help and if you keep practicing it, it will become repetetive so in game it just comes naturally to shoot there.

slapshots are tougher. Practice them until you feel you can adjust the height and stuff as needed. Get comfortable wiht slappshotting, height wise and then work on aiming. I find aiming with a slapper is harder, so that takes a little more practice

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