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10-11-2007, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by TomLaidlaw View Post
Before someone wastes their time by replying to this with the now fashionable response of "its only 3 games" or "its early don't panic" response. This isn't something that in my mind is gonna remedy itself like the other problems this team has. Our inept Power Play and inability to handle passes cleanly are problems that hopefully will be resolved as we play more games. Shanny playing on the 2nd line is something I don't think will fix itself.

Since Shanny suffered the concussion last year he has been a shell of his former self. I know he had a decent series against Atlanta but 3 good games in the past 8 months isn't a proper indication of someones ability. Lets acknowledge what we know about Shanny. He is a great leader, has tons of guts, doesn't back down from anyone, and is a Hall Of Fame player that the young guys look up to. I like Shanny as a player always have but I think we are seeing the 1998-2005 NY Ranger philosophy with how this coaching staff is handling him. He is being given icetime because of what he "already" accomplished, not what he is "currently" capable of. The guy is a step slower than everyone else on the team outside of Colton Orr. Is it possible that all the years of playing the bruising power forward position have finally taken a toll on his legs? Whatever the reason is, present day Shanny doesn't belong on our #2 line. There are 4 wingers who are simply BETTER than him at this point in his career, Prucha, Cally, Jagr, and Straka.

So what do we do? Do we do what we did with Messier and give him icetime he doesn't deserve because of what he use to be. Or perhaps we do what we did with Holik and play him somewhere he doesn't belong based on how much money he makes? I'd like to think we have learned from past mistakes.

Lines I'd like to see:

1st Line: Straka-Drury-Jagr
2nd Line: Prucha-Gomez-Callahan

3rd Line: Shanny-Dubinsky-Hossa
4th Line: Orr-Betts-Hollweg

(Drury and Gomez could be interchangeable depending on who they mesh best with)

My gut tells me we are gonna see Messier Part II with Shanny this year. An aging vet who gets icetime over younger more deserving players because of his past accomplishments.
I respect your opinion on this board, as you always bring up really good points.
With that being said, i cant agree here. i completely disagree.

Shanny's ALWAYS been a hot or not player, hes incredibley streaky. With respect to your point that we shouldn't give him ice time just because of his previous achievments, a point i agree with, i think that you need to give a guy with a skill set like shanny has; a chance, and one longer than 3 games. Its not because of his career goals that he gets ice time, its because of the skill that is still in his aging body. This man CAN still score. As a power forward, speed has never been one of his assets. Give shanny the respect of atleast a decent amount of games, no one can argue that he was born to put pucks in the net! Renney roles his lines. The 3rd line gets similar ice time to the 2nd line. Shanny is sure to score very little, and be not much of an asset playing with blair betts centering him. It would do us no good to put shanny there.

give it some time!

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