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03-19-2004, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
I realize the puck didn't bounce our way, but this effort was pathetic. I'll go ahead and say it right now, we don't deserve the playoffs. From the coaching to the defense to the forwards to the goaltending, our play has been absolutely embarrassing. I've never been more fed up with Trotz than I have in the past few games. I think he's consistently getting out coached. This team was ripe for the picking. Edmonton didn't play good in their own end, and their goalie didn't look very sharp. But, like almost every game since the first 15, we didn't play physical (Trotz' failure to adequately address this has been his biggest mistake all year) and we didn't play with a consistent effort. Trotz would rather put non-contributing, effortless oafs out there instead of Steve-O and Tootoo. Is it just me or has Trotz completely tried to change what worked for this team.

This comes down to leaders and I'm looking square at the captain. That game winning goal, both he and Orszagh were out of position. He's just been awful defensively recently (his line cost us the Boston and and he made quite a few mistakes against Calgary) and it's quite clear that their is some leadership voids be it from Trotz, Johnson, or Walker.

And I'm fed up with the way our Defenseman play. They don't respond well to speed. They don't recognize the speed off the wing until it's oftentimes too late. And don't get me started on Timonen...

I have to hand it to Edmonton. They were the playoff team tonight. They wanted it more, and they deserved it more.
Boy you hit the nail on the head here. That was probably the worst effort I have seen from this team in a long long time... It wasn't just was the whole damn team... We do not belong in the play-offs right looks as if we are trying to coast into the post season. The WHOLE game we looked like a monkey trying to screw a football. The only reason it was close was that their goaltender had an off night.

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