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Originally Posted by lotus View Post
Be careful on skates. I hear a lot of the time the top of the line, although obviously made of more expensive products thus lighter and perform better in whatever ways, sacrifice durability. A guy I know who owns a pro shop around here says everyone he sells a one90 skate to, comes back for new skates a few months later. They just fall apart.

I go mid-range on skates, just to be safe. And if I don't like them a ton, I can upgrade in a year without feeling bad that I blew $500+ on skates that time last year.

I reccomend trying on, and walking around in a pair of CCM Vectors, Bauer Vapors (own the XXII's myself), and Easton (Particularlly the Stealth fits your foot in a very unique way, so give it a shot, you might love it). Make sure you don't have too much ankle movement. I really recommend a pro shop if it's been a while. They will bake them for you too if you ask, which will make it significantly less painful to break in since you haven't skated in a while.

Again, I strongly recommend trying on CCM Vectors, Bauer Vapors, and Easton Stealths.

take note that the Vectors don't have as stiff a boot as the Vapors or Stealths (Vapors being more stiff than Stealths), at least that's what I find. This way you kind of know what you like when you try something on that feels good to walk around in.

*also, I own a pair of RBK 5k Inlines, same boot as the Ice would have it. No complaints.
Well I'd say generally top end skates would last longer since they are stiffer and would more likely stay stiff after wearing them for a while with the materials. I think with the durability problems, it's just defective or manufacturing problems cause I do see those one90s break off at the tendon guard but the boots. I'm sure with the same repetitive problem, they'll fix it....and other than that I've heard nothing else about the skate being horrible.

But anyways do try on skates as all fit very differently and you'll regret it if you are dead set on 707s or whatever and buy them without trying them. But with Graf and most other companies, you can find quite a few different fits so try on other models. And do buy as much skate as you can afford as someone said above.

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