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10-12-2007, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
I'm surprised at the amount of Coyotes fans, in a sense, sticking up for Weller. Frankly, he should be suspended for at least 5 games.
For what again? Grazing Tootoo's nose from the blindside? And what are Tootoo's exact lingering injuries from this "hit"?

His hit on Winnik is the exact thing the league is trying to dispose of. Smaller players like Tootoo have to play tough to hang with the big boys here, but jumping at a guys head in that area of the ice is too dangerous to condone. Him saying it was legal makes Pronger's "my elbow is at his head's height" excuse seem completely reasonable.

Now I realize there's past history between our teams (trying to Neely Cheechoo in the first game, Radulov on Bernier) so I want to keep it clean, but boy it's pretty embarassing to see Tootoo go down like that and stay down. I realize he was clotheslined from the blindside and was surprised, maybe, but hurt? His teammates didn't really check up on him while on the ice did they.

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