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10-12-2007, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Ti-girl View Post
This isn't going to help much, but go find what fits you.
I wouldn't say it's not going to help much, because it's very good advice. Always buy what fits your foot the best. Sure, you can get advice on how durrable the skate may be, or common problems people may have with a particular model, but it's impossible to predict how a skate will fit unless you try it on yourself. I happen to really like the concept of the current crop of Eastons, but I can only wear Bauer. Thankfully I also really like the idea behind the One90's.

As for the One90's, the main issues with them have already been adressed by you all, the tendon guards, and the material in the LS2 Power blade holders being too stiff and prone to cracking. As for how durrable the rest of the skate is, everybody who I have talked to that has been skating in them for a while say the skate is an absolute beast.

Anyway, kingstonmike is right, the 707's are a very different skate. I actually had a pair, liked how the boot fit comfort wise, but it just didn't support me where I needed it. It's definatly worth trying on, it might do the trick for you, but just remember that everything will fit a little differently, and it's definatly worth trying on everything you can.

Oh, and it's worth visiting as well, an incredible forum on hockey equipment with some very good posters

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