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03-20-2004, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger
I think you should be very careful about making generalizations about the views on this board. And I also think that you should do the same about the fans in general in New York. I have many neighbors who are long time Ranger fans (and attend at least a few games every season) and they have been very skeptical about the direction of the organization for a lot longer than you seem to think. And very critical on a large number of the moves both by Smith and Sather.

The discontent among fans has been building for years, it only was picked up in the media--especially nationally--recently. And it's very dangerous to generalize based on what you hear on various sports call-in shows. The vast majority of fans don't call, most don't even listen all that regularly--especially those of us who can't listen to a radio at work.

PS: you've definitely NOT talking about me.
You are stereotyping and making assumptions about me - you don't know who I am either. I do not listen to "Call in Shows" or base my opinions on mass media.

Ranger fans have been skeptical since the mid 1960's. What I said that the Sather ANGER developed this winter.

So, I would say to follow your own advice my friend.

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