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03-20-2004, 12:51 PM
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More TSN bashing

Just for the hell of it I decided to post the letter I was bored enough to write to TSN...

Just thought it was my duty to let you know, as a dedicated hockey fan who is concerned for your credibility, that TSN's "lists" are always laughable. I'm a visitor of many hockey fan message boards, (not to mention hockey fan pubs!), and though I hate to break it to you, every time you release a column - like the recent one about high impact overseas player - it is mocked endlessly by anyone who knows anything about hockey. I know you work on "formulas", but the stats you use must be less relevant than the colour of the tape on the end of a hockey stick because the end result makes The Sports Network look like a club of bufoons. If I'm wrong, than I guess Markus Naslund is no where near as impactive a player as Marko...uhhh...Kipr...err...rauos...of...v, or whatever his name is. Saku Koivu isn't even in the same league as the great Nils Ekman, and of course, as everybody knows, Niklas Lidstrom isn't half the defenseman that Luboomiroo Visnotsky is. Please, there is actually more than one person working at the network isn't there? Can you tell me how articles like this make it to the web-site with out being put through the cyber-space editor's shredder?

I bit childish, I know, but who gives a damn I was trying to make my point known. I forgot to mention that Jagr and Chara weren't there. And also about Dagenais being on that Quebec list. I would truly like to see their formula. It can't be anything to do with +/- because Chara ain't there, it can't be about points because Lang is 14th., it certainly doesn't focus on goals since Kovalchuck is 24th...I'm stumped

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