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03-20-2004, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by 33teddy33
I am talking recently of the acquisitions he made. they were good players. they lacked the discipline to play together as a unit. that is a coaching problem.
just when players would gel together he would change lines.
some guys didnt deserve ice time, they got it.
when guys were playing like ****, nothing was done.

i know what your saying, them not making the playoffs before sather got there, but the players he has acquired recently were of good calibre.

how do you explain them not playing together well??
enlighten me.
Well, I would explain that aquiring a bunch of all-stars doesn't always translate into on ice success - especially in the current NHL where the game has moved away from a speed run and gun style to defensive systems, corner cycling, and relying on garbage goals in front of the net game in and out.

In addition, the Rangers have lacked team chemistry for years now. They bring in Free Agent Vets to build the foundation, rather then building a foundation and bringing in a few vets to fit into the team. If you look at teams like DET, COL, etc -they bring in vets but the foundation is already in place. Players are not as close on this team as they are on others - the team is always divided. There is no cohesive play, no comraderie. Players live all over the place - and over the past five years - few have lived together off the ice. This is generally not the case in other organizations.

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