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10-14-2007, 12:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Numba29 View Post
T-Blades cannot be sharpened. They need to be replaced. I knowa round here in south jersey, some rinks carry them, and some rinks dont. They replace them for 15 bucks. But T-Blades were a Russian fade that really dont work.

So, tell her son to get a regular pair of skates, because in teh long wrong, he'll benefit more.

I have CCM V10's, love em btw
Disagree. Some people love them, as they do have benefits in teaching people how to skate better (screeches when you don't use your blades properly), and people who are get used to T-blades coming from normal skates frequently enjoy improved speed and responsiveness. And they are not a Russian fad - European.

And of course, a replacement t-blade ($10) is not as expensive as 5-10 sharpenings, which is about as long as they'll stay sharp for.

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