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10-14-2007, 04:48 AM
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Completely Frustrated...

Guys...Long post again, but just hear me out.

I wish I had some good news to pass along but unfortunately this has been more of a headache than anything else. I don't know if this surgeon doesn't know *** he is doing or if I am doing something wrong.

The reason I needed the 2nd surgery was the lateral meniscus came loose on the left side and was "bulging" out the left side of my knee.

Last week I noticed my leg felt like it was getting caught on something...(maybe sutures) and was preventing me from completely extending (straightening) my leg. It would literally get stuck, so I would stand up and give my leg a very, very, VERY minimal amount of force and it would kinda "snap" back into place. This would NOT hurt AT ALL.

Think of it more as a "cracking of the knuckles" for relief snap, and not a snap in a bad way. After it snapped into place all was well and I could go about my business. Remember...the snap does not hurt.

NOW...this happened twice in about a 4 day span and I brought it up to my Physical Therapist. She said not to lay on my left side as this was the position I'd be in right before it would happen. She said I was probably stretching the joint out.

Well here we go....that same thing happened last Tuesday and I was not able to straighten my left leg again. Only this time I couldn't get it to snap back into place cuz it was painful to straighten and the meniscus was clearly "bulging" out the left side of knee AGAIN and the more I tried to straighten, the more it would Bulge out.

I have pics if anyone has the stomach to see them.

I couldn't take the ***** no more and just let out tears of ABSOLUTE FRUSTRATION.

Because not only have I been super paranoid with it so I could possibly, one day play Hockey again, I may lose my job now because I may need another surgery, therefore putting me past my 365 day deadline to get back to work. I work for the city BTW...(Subway Conductor here in NYC)

It's been 11 months going thru this and as soon as I see improvements...BAM!! This ***** happens all over again. It's so frustrating and I have no idea *** to do anymore.

Does anyone think I should have them take the ***** out and just deal with the problems in the future? I know ultimately I will have to make the decision but...what would you do??

I was able to play before without this cadaver p.o.s meniscus. All I had to do was ice my dam knee after every game. Probably makes no sense considering its an on the job injury and they stuck this thing in there for a reason....

Ughhhhh my god....this is some straight bullsh*t!!


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