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10-14-2007, 10:53 AM
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Thanks for all the help with keeping the stick dry.

My son doesn't plan on this being a game move and during his "stick and puck" sessions with his friends, he is working on many other things

Sidenote: I have been fortunate to play at a somewhat high level in my career
(D1). If there is one thing I've learned from top players who were better than I that moved on to even higher levels(there were many), it's to practice doing things out of your comfort zone that force you to develop your stick skills to the point that your stick is part of your body.

Doing things that you would never do in a game(tricks they can be called) gives the player confidence and belief that the stick is part of their body.

Juggling pucks, the Michigan, puckhandling two pucks, flicking the puck in the air, etc, are all things that create soft hands, hand eye coordination, quick hands that will carry over into a superb puckhandler.

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