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Ideally, we'd like to have somone assigned to each day of the week and enough volunteers so we can cover all 7 days. However, if that's not possible, we'd like to have the busiest days of the week covered by one or more posters. Thursdays, Firdays and Saturdays are the busiest on the NHL schedule, but Tuesday and Wednesays have a handful of games as well.

We came up with the following schedule last season:

And we'd like to do something similar this season.
Any admin, mod or sponsor can volunteer to post events on a given day throughout the season. You can ask to take on a particular day(s) by posting in this thread.

Monday - Jim Boeheim
Tuesday - topher0805
Wednesday - Mike McDermott
Thursday - Desi
Friday - topher0805
Saturday - Kristia28
Sunday - Kristia28

Once we've assigned you to a day of the week, please note...
- Most online sportsbooks publish NHL odds either after the conculsion of the games the previous night or on the morning of the game. I can refer you to a few of my favorites if you cannot locate a sportsbook.
- Please post a link to the sportsbook or source for the odds you use for the events on your day.
- Try to settle your events as qucikly as possible. It's great if you can get to it within an hour or two after the games conclusion, but ideally, you should settle your events within 24 hours so the winners can use their winnings to bet on future events.

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