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03-20-2004, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike8
I don't believe this to be true. There are always playmakers as well as snipers; core players and complementary players. Every team has both and every successful team needs both in order to succeed.

Zednik is a complementary player. On his own, he's not a very successful player. He has more dimensions than Dagenais and goes on streaks where he can create room for himself, but by and large he feeds off his playmaker.

Luc Robitaille is a complementary player. He'll score a boat load of goals in the right situation, but struggles to create his own plays and is entirely reliant upon others if he's going to be successful.

Brett Hull was similar to Robitaille earlier in his career. He's developed more dimensions to his game since signing in Dallas, but he's still a player that relies on sneaking into good shooting positions and receiving good passes.

The list goes on.

Dagenais plays within his limitations. He has a good shot, a knack for getting into good position to unload his shot, and has been a successful goal scorer as a result.

He is entirely reliant upon Ribeiro to feed him good passes, and he's terrible when it comes to carrying the puck, or if his line is based upon quick transition, then he is a liability. But Ribeiro isn't overly fast either, and he likes to carry the puck his entire shift and feed his wingers passes. Since Dagenais has good chemistry with Ribeiro, this pairing works and has enjoyed a good amount of success this year.

I find his defensive and positioning problems to be overstated. I've yet to see Dagenais make a real boneheaded giveaway that cost the team a goal, unlike Zednik, Koivu, Ribeiro, Bulis, Ryder, etcetera. Rarely have I seen Dagenais running around in his own zone, unable to find his man--unlike Kovalev, Zednik, Ribeiro, Perreault, and Ryder earlier this season.

Dagenais' a safe player who plays within his limitations. If he doesn't score, he doesn't particularly help you but he's not a real hinderance either. If he's not scoring, he still goes to the slot and is a big body presence there. Even if he's not a big hitter, he's not easy to move from the slot.

Interesting. But I'll have to disagree with the Robitaille and Hull comments, I believe they create their plays and can score with however they play.

IMO, Dagenais doesnt do boneheaded plays because he doesnt involve himself in the game. I know that cause when I started hockey I was exactly like that. I never made bad plays because I rarely made one, but playing against my line was like a 5 on 4 powerplay which is what I see when Dagenais is with Ribeiro(although this is a big exagerration).

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