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03-20-2004, 05:53 PM
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from what I've seen (only through a bunch of clips over the years) on Lundmark in his WHL days, was a kid that played quite aggressively. He was able to fight his way through checks. Win battles, etc. While he wasn't big, he wasn't small in the WHL. Has his style changed much in the NHL, as he is now a smallish guy, in your opinion?

To me, he has skills. He can skate. He can stickhandle. He has a quick release, and a nice, accurate shot. He has hockey sense. But, he doesn't always get that shot off, sometimes because he's muscled off the puck - or moved even before the puck get there. Same with his passing and stickhandling - he just gets pushed around a lot out there and can make the plays.

While Jamie may not have taken the bulls by the horns, I don't think management/the coaching staff took played to his strengths at times either. As was mentioned elsewhere, he did have success on Mess' wing. Heck, he played very well, I thought, on the off-wing (with Mess). He was able to take advantage of some nice passes from Mess and use that quick release to get off good shots. But the coaches made him a center. Then a right winger. Then a center. On the third line. On the fourth line. Unfortunately this team was so in the need of wins, it had to try anything and everything and there was a lack of patience - and bringing along a kid was not what they wanted to do, I do think.

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