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03-20-2004, 06:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
You forget though that even though WE are only paying Jagr 3.75, the WHOLE salary is going to work against us if a cap is implemented and THAT is a huge problem. That is also why there were no takers for him at the dealine. It's not the actual out of pocket money you need to worry about, it's the total cost against a cap.QUOTE]

What CAP??? Where do you get this inside information that makes you so sure that there is:

1) Going to be a cap
2) Going to be a hard cap
3) Going to be a hard cap with no grandfathering
4) Going to be a hard cap with no grandfathering that is instituted immediately
5) Going to be a hard cap with no grandfathering that is instituted immediately and has a provision which states that it is the total salary and not what you pay the player that counts toward the cap

Because if you can KNOW all that then I guess there is going to be a season next year because all the drama relating to the labor crisis is fictional as everything has been resolved already ...

Also, not to use Brooks as a guide for anything, (although I have surpisingly been agreeing with some of his recent articles) he discussed the possibility of the Rangers "buying-out" the contracts of Holik/Jagr?Kaspiritis for their current 2/3 value and then resigning them at the remainder of their contracts to circumvent the cap (i.e 1/3 of their current salary). Don't know if this would work, as I DON'T KNOW what the CBA will look like, but maybe it's a possibility ..

BTW ... as an aside, I don't mean to be snippy, and I appreciate most of your insights and opinions, as well as your analysis. Makes the days go by easier rooting for this team ...
Don't worry I dont take offense to it at all.

As for the cap. There is going to be one. Hard, soft, whatever, there is going to be something put in place. That's where my comments are coming from. Those salaries are going to count against us.

As for the possibility Brooks brings up, that's a dead end as well. Holik has already hinted that he isn't thrilled with rebuilding and Jagr has never been the "lets lead the youth" type.

If they get bought out, they aren't coming back. Period end of sentence.

Holik's going back to NJ and Jagr is going to Detroit if that happens. So essentially the Rangers would be coughing up dollars in the double digits of millions to send them to other teams. On the flip side, they probably can't trade them anywhere.

Once again they find themselves in a rock and hard place.

But Jagr and Holik alone bring in over 12 million dollars. Against a cap {Again be it hard or soft} it's still gonna appear as 20 million, regardless of what money we receive from other teams.

Already we're seeing their wonderful personalities come out. Holik's "I didn't sign up for this" and Jagr's optimistic but not to be underscored internal message of "it'll only take two or three years".

Those are EXACTLY the personalities this team doesn't need around it's youth at any price.

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