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Originally Posted by LeMAD View Post
I'm not the only one. Everyone gets pissed off on sopcast's nhl forums when the feeds get advertised outside of the site because as soon there's 40-50 people connected to the same feed, it gets really choppy. And when the games end (and people disconnect) the feed becomes perfect.

Like I said, it may be because some people are using their upload with other programs, but in the end, the results are the same.

Each time the games are adverstised here on HF, the are unwatchable because they are too choppy. and each time they aren't, they play fine.
Don't even bother arguing with these people man, honestly they don't even use logic in their arguments. Their comments only make sense assuming every user using the sopcast has minimum 100Kbyte/s upstream free and readily available PLUS there would need to be a minimum of a T1 or better backboning it. They forget the simple logic that NOT EVERYBODY DOING THIS HAS A GREAT CONNECTION, and that people are *******s when it comes to upload speeds in p2p.

The bottom line is, the sopcasts are on their own webpage for a reason. The casters change the feed channel purposely to throw off all the people that are getting the game outside of the site. They don't want it advertised out, just like say maybe if HF had hf radio and someone else was linking it calling it their own, they would not like it.

The admins at myp2p work hard for this and you guys are ruining it. Stop advertising out their F'ing sops in threads. You wanna tell a friend about it, pm him or use email.

Bottom line is, their comments make no sense.

Sure p2p works better with more people, if for example more then half the people have the entire file already and are uploading at the bandwidth speeds needed to stream alone to at least one person in real time. Frankly though, in torrent terms, that would require half the people to be seeds or more, where as in sopcast terms, there is only one person who actually has the feed, so back to torrent terms, there's basically only 1 seed with like 100 people trying to download it, some of whom have low bandwidth to begin with or purposely cap their sopcasts upstream.

It's pretty logical stuff, I don't see how anyone could actually think more people = faster, it's a JOKE. This can be compaired with torrents but bottom line is, it isn't one. P2P is a very general term, it means peer to peer, it doesn't mean a specific type of p2p.

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