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03-20-2004, 08:06 PM
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Dube was someone who falls into the "overhyped" category. The kid tore up the Q - but even there hated contact. He was not an NHL player - hated to get hit. That's why he's playing been playing over in Europe rather then trying to latch on in the NHL elsewhere.
Player does not go from CHL player of the year, a blue chip by prospect magazines and a top 20 prospect in THN's future watch to dog food in two years. Not unless he royally doesn't get it, or someone started screwing with him.

For a player who was soft and hated to get hit, one of the things that won him a spot as a 19 year old rookie was a fight he won against Peter Ferraro. Most guys who hate to get hit, don't drop the gloves against a fellow player who plays with a mean streak and has 4 years of age on them.

Dube was heading in the wrong direction when management told him to gain weight for the upcoming season without evaluating what it would do to his game. Just like with Malhotra they tried turning him into a power center and that just wasn't his game. Period end of sentence. The team was so deperate for power forwards that they tried turning everyone into one from 1997 till 2000.

So he loses the weight, points up a point per game in the AHL {Which is more than Lundmark ever did} and you know what his reward is? He gets left in the minors while guys like Tim Sweeny and Brent Fedyk get icetime for a team already eliminated from the post season.

He's not in europe because he hates contact, he is europe because he doesn't have to deal with this teams BS and he gets paid a lot of money to live in a beautiful place. What exactly has he missed since leaving north america? The Rangers haven't exactly been putting on a clinic the past 7 years. Even if he did consider coming back, would you? After seeing the treatment of guys like Malhotra?

Funny but the same doubts were raised by Henrik Lunqvist and Zidlicky. I doubt all those kids have a fear of getting hit either.

Cherneski was injured - it ended his career. Bottom line.
It's all a part of karma. I truly believe in karma and the rangers tempted the hockey god's with that one. That kid earned a spot on that team more than half the players that were part of that squad. He never should have been there in the first place.

Malholtra wasn't ruined - he was for the Rangers what he is now. A checking Center. That's it. Another "Overhyped" prospect. His progressing in a system that is using him as a checking center. Granted, the Rangers could have done that. But to say he was "ruined" is simply not true. He is what he is, and what he was on draft day.
He wasn't even a checking center here. What team were you watching? The kid got LITERALLY 2 minutes a night at some points. Same thing with Fata. Combined they have 26 goals this year. To put that into perspetive, even if Malhotra and Fata are nothing more than third line players, their numbers were enough to rank on the top of this teams goal leaders.

Cairns - I mean at best he's a 6th defenseman. He is a horrible skater, and can't play against quick teams. I would take him over Purinton at this point, sure.
6th defenseman or not he's on a winner and he's a part of that winner and is certainly worth more to his team than karpa, ulanov, mcallister, etc. etc. etc.

Again you dont need franchise players for every prospect, but you need a core.

t sure what you mean by the "treatment" of Blackburn, unless you - like me wanted to see him play a full year in Hartford rather then backup in NY. The thought process was to let Richter teach the kid and stick to him like glue.... Unfortunately, Richter's injury and Dunham - well.
No i was refering more to the back to back seasons of 20 starts in a row followed by not leaving the bench for 9 weeks. That was a real solid plan born of the rangers desperate and ultimatly feeble attempts at making the playoffs.

Injuries are like any other hazard in life, they happen. Over correcting though often makes the situation far worse.

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