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10-15-2007, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by PredDave View Post

Last Thursday's Phoenix game had 9,264 paid attendance (2,898 comp tickets).

From last Saturday's game through the rest of the season, we will have to average 14,139 paid to simply raise the paid attendance to 14,000....

not looking good
If balls gets the team expect that figure to nosedive. I am not usually one to be a pessimist but I really don't expect things to improve at all. From the people living in Nashville it sounds like that market has just fallen apart.

You can say the locals would be our saviors, but how long will people want to see a low payroll team and the locals expect people to fill the place with that?

I spent all my optimism over the summer, and now things are worse. Just sell he ****ing team and lets enjoy this season to the best of our ability. If the team leaves, so what, at least we were some of the few that cared. If the team stays, great, hope it works out for all of us.

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