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03-20-2004, 08:43 PM
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[QUOTE=Edge]judging from the rangers success since Dube, i think you could argue it's the Rangers who never "got it".

There was nothing wrong with Dube's head. That's becoming a very tried excuse with every one of this teams prospects. Either all these kids are crack babies or someone isn't doing their pysch tests properly. And it's the latter the blame is right back on the organization so there we go again.......

Again why should he? He's rich, young and enjoying the good life in Switzerland where hockey players are like royalty. I'd stay there too if i were him. I'm making 6 figures living out here in Las Vegas, why should I move back to NY? Same situation.

Lack of success - where I place on draft day. We have very different opinions on this player. No point in arguing over it....

I will tell you he is not "Rich" - at least in comparison to what he would make if he played with another NHL organization - or even on their farm team. The fact is that the interest in him is nill.... Which is why he's out playing in the Swiss League with Mike Manelunk.

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