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03-20-2004, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
What lack of success? The kid is successful and richer than probably both you and I right now? I think that's pretty successful. He left an organization that was cracking, i doubt he's ever looked back.

We do have very different opinions but you still haven't really backed yours up with anything other than opinion. I said he fought and played physical to make the team, you didnt have a response. I pointed to his icetime and call up, and you didn't have a response.

You may very well be right, but you gotta back it up with something more than.

"He didn't get it" and "he wasn't physical". Eleborate for me. Maybe you're right, show me why. Really last time i was in switzerland i met him a few times and he seemed to be doing better than you described. Two nice cars, a nice pad to live, money to burn. nice clothes, nice "stuff".

You're right, he's not making the money he would in the NHL. And I'm not making the money i would living in NYC, but my desire to lead a life i'm enjoyin outweighs the extra cash i'd earn in NY.

There reason there is no interest in him is because Dube in more than a few magazines has stated that he has no desire to return to north america right now. He signed a long term contract with Bern for a while and he's in one with his new team as well.

He grew up in Europe and he enjoys is there. Or is that something else he "doesn't get"?
I didn't mean to offend you - obviously you have a different opinion on this player then I do. If you have a friendship with him - great.

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