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03-20-2004, 10:30 PM
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wow this is a great dispute between the both of you, really entertaining as strange as that is

my opinion for what its worth, i think its a little of both, rangers havent drafted great.. a bunch of third liners and a couple second liners over close to 10 years is nothing to boast about, i am waiting and wanting to see the brendls, jessimans.. the highly touted guys pan out into big time players.... they have also done a bad job developing their players made evident by the fact there are no current good home grown players on the team right now

imo they did ruin malhotra who was absolutely wasted averaging a measly 8 minutes a night they however did counter with york who has obviously turned into a very solid player.. this proves to me the rangers can do it but it seems the rangers have always been reluctant to because they would prefer to use them as trading chips for more established players, a practice they've done for many years instead of being patient and living with the growing pains.... i dont think you can blame them for an injury, so arguing with cherneski is redundant i think.. i will say the same for blackburn even when the jury is still out with him and he has been misused terrible during his time here... lundmark has been misused, i dont want to hear hes done nothing to help himself, last year he lead the team in goals in preseason playing on holik's wing.. end result gets stuffed on the fourth line despite the obvious chemistry between the two.. after his call up he showed us he can play.. i think he scored 7 goals in 13 games, if that isn't enough to call for more ice time i dont know what is.. for whatever reason he was relegated to the fourth line again even at the very end of the season when the rangers were out...

i do not doubt the organizations ability to draft and develop talent.. i just don't trust them to do it.. they have to prove to me they are going to do this, so far after the deadline i can not complain.. yes there are games murray plays 6 minutes while sandra plays 13.. but then most nights tjutin is playing 20, balej is playing 15.. that i can live with i just hope they follow through all the way... people say the draft will be the test, to me next year will be the true test.. we'll see if they are for real or not

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