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03-20-2004, 11:26 PM
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[QUOTE=Park #2]However, at the time - the decision was made to keep sailing a sinking ship. (Wrong Decision, I agree). That said, Prospects who did show NHL ability were given a chance - Savard, York, Johnsson, Cloutier, etc.

Yeah and of those, how many weren't by choice?

Ya know how Cloutier got his shot? Jason Friggin Muzzati was so horrible that they had no choice. God forbid he was any good, Cloutier would have never seen an NHL arena with this team.

York? Acquired because Gretzky retired and this team couldn't land another center. As soon as they could? He was bumped to the wing and eventually bumped out of town.

Savard? Earned a spot on the team as a 20 year old only to sit more of the time before finally going to the minors.

The following year he got the nod until petr nedved was acquired, then you know where he went? You guessed it, right back down to Hartford. The only reason he came back up? Because Gretzky was hurt.

IT seems to me that the only ones who did make it made it surely by accident and circumstance, NOT because the Rangers gave them a chance. As i've just shown despite their play, they only reason they were up was because the Rangers were unable to make a move.
Malholtra was on the team as a 4th line center. And while you point to his 30 second shift game, which is a joke, if you look back he averaged 8 minutes a game. Pathetic, sure. However, to average 8 - especially considering his 2 minutes games - he did have 12-15 minute games.
Malhotra avergaed that much his ROOKIE year, which is when he had 8 goals and 16 points. However he never came close to that his sophmore year and his third year wasn't too much better. Even despite that though he still managed to net 6 goals before he was traded.

The amazing thing about those 12-15 minute nights? He usually played good. And you know what his reward was? Getting two minutes the next night.

In fact i can remember clear as day EVERYONE on this board pointing to the obvious fact that when Malhotra ACTUALLY got the icetime he played quite well. But then EVERY time we were puzzled by the fact that he'd get a minute the next night.

So yeah 12 + 2 = 14 and 14 divded by two = 7. A very misleading number.

That's of course excluding games he was benched and a healthy scratch {which dont figure into the average}.

In Dallas, he played in the same way - sitting out here and there, playing 10 minutes some nights - 4 minutes others. In Columbus, he is getting a regular shift and doing what Muckler said he would do back in 1999. Does that make his treatment right? No, of course not. Would I take him back? Sure. However, he was never going to be anything more then that. To compare him to Gagne or whoever is a faulty comparison. Gagne would've likely gotten the same chance that York/Savard did, because he showed something greater then 4th line ability.
No one compared him to Gagne. The mentioning of Gagne was a question of "do you honestly think he would have developed here". I dunno how you turned that into a comparison. But moving on.

Muckler didn't give him a regular shift. Once again you are assuming he was given one and that he failed with that chance. For the LAST time he wasn't given one so your whole basis that he was is faulty. He was never given a consistent shift and you can ask ANYONE who was on these boards then.

Gagne would have gotten the same chance? And what exactly is that? A stumble in the dark that he possibly gets if someone falls down into a coma and the rangers dont have time for a trade?

What chance did Savard get really. The minute he started producing they were ready to ship him out the door. York was one of their best forwards and they shipped him out the door. So what the great opporunity for Gagne was to hope the Rangers traded him so he could blossom somewhere else? LOL yeah i can see why this team is in such horrible shape.

if malhotra wasn't given a chance to develop into a nice but not glamorous role as a checking center,what makes you think that gagne was gonna be given top 6 icetime?

Muckler got pissed off because people complained about his icetime. He made his own argument that had nothing to do with what people were saying. like everyone else in this organization he didnt listen to a damn thing anyone said and he gave a response to a nonissue. People didn't want Malhotra getting 20 minutes, people just didn't want him getting two minutes. Even if he was only a third or fourth line center, he wasn't gonna go anywhere with 2 minute shifts.

This team has had defensive prospects, goalie prospects, checking forward prospects, scoring forward prospects and they've messed up with EVERY single one of them. The few that did make it {York} they traded. So how the hell did this team develop anything?

I am not excusing the team for their habbits - I am saying that you cannot overlook the fact that their drafts have been pathetic.
Their drafts have been pathetic because they didn't do anything with it. If i go shoppping and leave all the groceries in my car to rot, it's gonna look like a really did a crappy job of shopping isn't it?

now your argument makes more sense if these kids never even got the scent of an NHL arena. But these kids MADE the team. If the draft was so pathetic why did they made the team? Why did teams call the rangers about them. Why did Lacroix offer two first rounders for the chance to get Malhotra.

Again they look crappy after the fact because thats what the rangers made them. How can you expect them to look any other way when these kids are given two minutes a night after earning a roster spot in the preseason.

Let me ask you think and answer honestly.

When Gagne made the team, what happened to him? He was given icetime was he not?

What happened to Malhotra made the team?

What happened when Dube made the team?

THAT right there is why the rangers draft sucked. If you looked, more than a few made the rangers. unfortunatly THAT was the kiss of death. As soon as a kid made this team, his career was in serious jepardy.

For the most part - players that have shown solid NHL ability have gotten the chance to play. I would argue that Dube neer did show that. You argue he didn't get a chance to show it - I say he was given the same chance as Marc Savard who was given playing time. We disagree

Cheese and rice, you are really starting to piss me off now. You're arguing like freakin pasha.





And this time answer the friggin question. No excuses. no stories. i dont care about your personal life, give me the evidence that dube got the ice time.

seriously dude we've done this for several hours now and you've skirted every single freakin question.

if you seriously cant even answer what you saw than what the heck are you even talking about? how can argue something without even having anything to point to. If he didn't get any icetime there's no opinion about it, it's a freakin number. you can't have an opinion on a number. he either got the ice time or he didn't.

for chrissakes.

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