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10-16-2007, 09:08 AM
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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
The thing about Jagr and Straka is they don't like to motor up the ice - they're lateral, puck possession players that would just as soon go east to west.

Maybe you argue that Straka or Prucha should play on that top line, with Dawes filling in else where. I'm not opposed to that so long as defense isn't thrown to the wind.

Gomez can use his speed to penetrate the zone quickly and in doing so he forces the defensive team off the blueline. Shanahan is a fit on his wing, because he's often the third forward into the zone (and subsequently uncovered) looking for a one-timer. I've seen in at least 10 times in the last 5 games and it's going to start to pay dividends once they get their timing down.

I like Drury on the Jagr line because I feel he's capable of playing a patient game. He'll put up with the Jagr/Straka dilly-dallying and get himself in a position to shoot (or just plain plant himself in front like he did against Florida).
You're only taking into consideration how that unit works for like 4 seconds after they won the puck.

Gomez flys through the neutral zone and into the attacking zone, where he got one good option in Shanny, I agree. But what happends if the other team can cover Shanny? What options would Gomez have then? You can count on that beeing the case 19 out 20 times.

Shanny shys away from the boards. Avery is not especially good at protecting the puck.

I agree 100% with your assesment of Jagr and Gomez though. But Jagr's big strength is still deep in the attacking zone, Jagrs offense that comes directly from him gooing east-west in the neutralzone is pretty marginal, like 90% of his pts probably comes from his work downlow.

The results of the mismatch between Gomez and JJ that you brought up, resulted in JJ looking uncomfortable with Gomez. They have now been given time off from each other, and I think for JJ, Gomez would be a huge upgrade over Drury who only brought JJ down, more so in fact then Brad Isbister ever did. You can wonder if Drury during his 5 games with JJ even made one good pass, or one good raid with the puck, or one good back check, or one forecheck. JJ will need to adjust to Gomez some; and as they build chemistry they will also be able to overcome some of their diffrences and become more verstaile. I think JJ is much more prepaired to adjust to Gomez now then he was early in the season, and I think we will see that against the Thrasers.

The problem is, what do you do with Drury? I defenitly think its worth a shot to try him with Prucha and Callahan. I still think Shanahan biggest use is on the PP. Then he can be moved up late in games 5 on 5 if he is hot. I don't belive in playing him allot all the time for 82 regular season games and possibly a following PO's. I also don't think he is a perfect fit with Drury, if Drury plays with Shanny, I also think the player in the org who we got who are the best fit with thoose two would be Avery. With Drury and Shanny on the same line you won't get a puck possesion game; they need to have someone that creates a havoc. Straka would be a decent fit and provide some puckposseion, but I think a line of Straka-Drury-Shanny in the end got limited potential, we will need more down the line...

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