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03-20-2004, 11:59 PM
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Now it is your turn.Do you have an EVENT in wich YOU saw him NOT do those things?

I've watched DUBE play in the Q, at The WJC, at Ranger Camp, in Hartford, and in limited time with the team.

Now what did he do the following year when he was back to his normal weight?

He had an average season with Hartford. For a kid whose upside was base in pure offensive talent, his numbers were very average. When pressured or repeatedly checked, he'd disappear. He didn't show the ability to bounce back from a hit. He Played horribly in the AHL playoffs.

Okay moving on, based on your point there we should assume the following. Garth Murray wasn't able to play his game last year because he was hurt, thus someone like Jed Ortmeyer was able to come in this season and steal a spot this season. BUT murray is playing now? Why?

The common thought, from what I know - and it may be wrong - was that the decision was made that Murray needed more seasoning. He displayed the skills that the Rangers hoped he would. Ortmeyer was considered to be more NHL ready after a very short stint in Hartford. He was older, and more mature in development, and was thought to be able to handle playing limited minutes. They wanted Murray to get some time and develop. This is my understanding.

When exactly was dube supposed to show his talent in the NHL?
The picks weren't poor until AFTER they reached the rangers. Which is evident by the teams who asked about those players and the rankings they often recieved from people who actually watched them. Again basing it on that your point again doesn't make sense because why would the league want horrible draft picks?

Forgive me if I misunderstood your point here: But by this logic - every pick who doesn't develop is the fault of the organization. Picks don't pan out. More often then not. With many players, the fact that they will not pan out is not evident until 2-3-4 years after being drafted. This was the case with DUBE, after two disappointing seasons in Hartford. So, during the years of 1995-1998 (I'm estimating a time frame here), as his development stalled, so did his worth to other teams. A once bright prospect no longer had value.

"Okay let me take this slow and spell it out as easily as i can, because if this doesnt work then we obviously need to bring a special ed teacher in here." "So either everyone in the league except you was dumb or there was actually talent there that the rangers messed up."

If you want to continue this conversation without the insults, I'd be more then happy to do so.

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