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03-21-2004, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Edge
I dont have a friendship at all with him but again you've avoided responding to any of what i just presented.

why are you avoiding any of these questions?

I am not offended but you seriously keep slipping out the back door when i pop a question to you.

i'm not bothered that you'd have a different opinion than me, but you gotta have a reason.

If you tell me aint making out too good, and i say he drives to mercedes and lives in an expensive home then something didn't add up and there's gotta be a reason why you said something.
On Dube... sure the kid is successful as a hockey player... But his career was not 'successful' by any means where it all counts. The NHL is the biggest, best league of them all... The Stanley Cup is the biggest prize... Christian Dube had a high status as a QMJHL... So did many others, and it's no secret the QMJHL is softer than the other 2 CHL leagues... International play is not as physically demanding as the NHL, and it never will be because of the size of rinks. This all being said...

Dube IMO probably thought of himself as going to be a great scorer in the NHL someday... There were others who had similar problems, and stuck around longer to just get the oppurtunity to do so... They also have great credentials. But they had more tenacity to stick it out here. Park #2 was right they could have found out during the Pre-Draft Interview... IMO you can tell which players are more hungry.

Michael Ryder is a great example... The kid was never hailed as a true talent.. Made Hull as a walk on... Drafted 216th overall.. Quietly finished his QMJHL career in style (50 goals) and becomes a Team Canada member.. He then goes to the AHL, where he's sent off to Toledo of the ECHL (where prospects usually go to die)... Fights back only to get sent back down... Finally earned a role in Nov. of last year in the AHL, and made the Habs line up out of TC this year... This kid when asked in HS what he was going to become he wrote... NHL hockey player... That's heart.

All that in to consideration... Dube was never tested like that... Subsequently, the first major issue in his career, he jetted off on a plane to Switzerland... He may be rich, and infamous for his talent over there... But IMO he never had the heart to play for the real prize. That could have been seen by the 30 + picks in front of him despite the fact that he won just about every major award a kid can win at that age, and he was very talented. It can be argued he was worth the pick... But it can't be argued whether the Rangers screwed him up/over... Cause IMO, he screwed himself because he could not stick to the training to become an NHL player...

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