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03-21-2004, 01:55 AM
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A kid in baseball can't hit a slider, they don't just go up to him and say "hit it". I mean what good does that do. Instead they work with the kid and train and work some more.

Sometimes you must realize, however that the kid will never hit a slider.

That is the mark of a good team. The Rangers didn't do that and well.....they aren't a good team.

Having a kid go off on his own and bulk up is not a plan to turn a kid into a servicable NHL player. just like telling a kid at the last day of camp he needs to play lw doesn't help either. just like sitting a goalie for 30 straight games isn't gonna turn him into a better netminder. the list goes on and on.

Lots of problems in the Smith Reign, just as there are in Sather reign. I would say though, that Sather has done a better job of drafting then Smith (Couldn't do worse). To build on your point though, they do have a better system in place with McGill coaching and Maloney overseeing prospect development. Smith became a lazy GM. Too bad.

Maybe the Rangers need to start working with the players abilities to get the most out of those than trying to turn players into something they are not. if you can develop their strengths, it sets the stage to work on their weaknesses. it's a simple method of teaching.

I think that is starting to occur - at least moreso then it was occuring in 96-00.

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