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03-21-2004, 02:01 AM
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Sometimes you must realize, however that the kid will never hit a slider.

Yes after you work with. Like Henson, the Yankees pumped a lot of time and and effort into him. Can you even imagine this team doing that? Especially 4 - 7 years ago?

Sometimes a kid cant hit a slider. But you gotta put him in the batters box to find out.

Lots of problems in the Smith Reign, just as there are in Sather reign. I would say though, that Sather has done a better job of drafting then Smith (Couldn't do worse). To build on your point though, they do have a better system in place with McGill coaching and Maloney overseeing prospect development. Smith became a lazy GM. Too bad.
Which goes back to what i said about bigger pictures. the problems with this team re the result of many small cracks that lead to a really big one.

I am hopeful they are in the right direction. This draft is the key. bottom line.

I think that is starting to occur - at least moreso then it was occuring in 96-00
But just a little too late for Malhotra and Dube. Which was my point. It's a damn shame.

Maybe they never would have made it. But the Rangers certainly left themselves open to too many whatifs on this one.

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