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10-17-2007, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Sm0otHocKeySPeeD View Post
First I'd like to start by saying I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad for me...I know everyone heals differently and I guess I'm looking to hear some "comeback stories" to bring my spirits up.

If you don't mind and you were in a similar situation, I'd like to hear about it and how you battled back to the sport you love most. I'm feelin pretty down right about now as far as my chances.

Mine goes like this...(sorry in advance for the long post)

Had surgery to remove most of my meniscus at age 4. Mom said it was making a horrible clicking noise. (I think they should have left it the hell alone)

Despite this, I played since age 6 (roller hockey) and graduated to ice hockey.

I worked at a Rink from ages 19-23 and played dam near everyday and made the Division 1 team after 3 years (it helped that I worked there). Icing my knee after every game was absolutely necessary and I didn't mind.

Now at 29 years old I had an on the job injury back in Nov 06' that required a meniscal transplant from a cadaver...Like I said they should have left it alone since they are pretty much putting back what they took out. This surgery took place on April 16th 07'.

Then the meniscus came apart July 15th 07' and required repairs to restitch it back together and they performed a micro-fracture. During this surgery they "Accidentally" punctured the nerve with a needle that controls the "Up" motion of my left foot. Neurologist says it will take almost 9 months for the nerve to fully come back, but THANK GOD they didn't cut it. I cannot lift my foot up for the life of me.

From Age 23-Current I haven't played much since I stopped working at the rink but had planned on putting a team together right before this whole thing happened which just utterly pisses me off.

I just started PT last week and little by little I'm feeling better. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook on things but I can't help to think about the 'What Ifs"

All surgeries were performed at Hospital For Special Surgery in Manhattan, NY. (A well respected Hospital)

Has anyone had this procedure and resumed activity with little to no problems?

I'm just worried that when the day comes that I do get back on the ice, this thing will come apart and I'll be up ****'s creak. However, so far everything has been going smooth. (besides the nerve damage, of course)


P.S. if anyone knows a good malpractice lawyer, by all means shoot me a PM.

Sorry to hear about your situation. I would seriously pursue legal action if I were you. You could probably get a nice chunk of money from the hospital. Of course, that won't help your injury at all, but you could probably afford some sweet equipment when you make your comeback. Just be positive, and keep working with your physical therapist. You'll be OK.

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