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10-18-2007, 10:50 AM
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my observations

1. You Ducks fans are funny. If Kunitz had shielded his face and it had been Tootoo that was wailing away, there would have been 9 threads across this site about what a stupid goon he is, he should be banished from hockey, blah blah blah, etc etc... and you know it.

2. Why not play Ellis? He can let in softies as easy as Mason, but then has an excuse for playing positionally like a rookie.

3. deVries is literally the second coming of Bill Houlder. This guy is the worst Dman in the entire NHL. [yet Trotz thought it was a good idea to pair him with Ville]

4. How do you miss a call where a guy clearly misses an easy goal because he is being raked across the face with a high stick? Futhermore, I thought the Ducks could have easily been called for intereference on 3 seperate occasions.

5. Suprise Suprise, the Ducks adjusted to the gameplay after the first intermission and we got worse as the game went on.

6. It was still a much better effort than we've seen in a while. The first period was a joy to watch until the last 30 seconds.

7. Did it seem to anyone else that Dumont just wasnt in the game last night? He seemed like his mind was someplace far far away from the Honda Center.

8. I miss the old Anaheim jerseys, the new ones are horribly plain, generic looking, and ugly.

my bottom line: awesome effort and team play for most of the 1st period. deVries has to go right now, he was out of position, slower than Cale Hulse, and added very little for the 3rd game straight. Mason is killing us. They've said from the beginning that this team will have to win by working hard and grinding out close games. That will never happen when you let in 2+ soft goals per game.

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