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03-21-2004, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by triggrman
Walker tries to get two flames players to drop them, they won't, Walker gets a roughing penalty on both because he drops his gloves and the Flames player Walker never swings, the difference? Class.

The biggest difference was that Walker was trying to get certain people to own up to their handy work. Whereas, Calgary was just trying to get even after losing the game.

I can say this without any hint of homerism that the organization and a small portion of their fans displayed an appalling lack of class. Several cokes were fired from the stands towards Predator players. The enjoyment as thuggery took control of the game. Now I'm not saying that Preds fans wouldn't have enjoyed the fight (no one likes it when they clearly lose a hockey game to a team below them in the standings) but it still represents a lack of class.

Now the organization as a whole is tarnished from this. This is the type of bush league crap you see out of Hartley and Atlanta. The whole 'we lost the game, so let's get dirty' drives me nuts. It's why hockey is laughed at by football fans, baseball fans, and basketball fans. Sutter knew there would be no retribution from Nashville because of the lines they iced. I love how Sutter talked to the press. He spoke as if this wasn't a plan to get even. He acted as if he never even expected Oliwa to drop 'em. Yeah, Sutter's not the sharpest skate on the ice, but surely he isn't that stupid.

It's one thing to have a heated rivalry (like we do with Columbus) where all are accountable for their actions (to an extent). It's quite another to have a rivalry with a team based on the actions of a dirty coach and his sheeplike minions.

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