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Sorry if ever I'm repeating stuff that's already been said, but I did not take time to read the previous post, so I apologize in advance.

Originally Posted by StreiMMermlik View Post
Don't know if I'm going to make friends with this, but I feel like expressing my opinion.

Am I the only one here who don't see Higgins as the 8th wonder of the world? I mean, here are some facts about him so far :
I think you should verify your facts, because you are totally wrong on many accounts and that might be the reason you don't see the upside in Higgins.

Originally Posted by StreiMMermlik View Post
He played a complete year on the first line of the team and only managed to score 22 goals and get 38 point.
See, this is your first big mistake and I wonder if you did this on purpose, you know, to add wait to a feeble argument.

Actually, Higgins played 26 games on the first line in 05-06, all remaining 26 games of that season. he managed 17 goals in those 26 games.

Here, I'll help you and give you a better idea of what Higgy is capable. In the span of 45 consecutive games, Higgy pulled 26 goals and 15 assits for 41 points.

last 26 games of 05-06 = 26gp 17g 7a 24pts
playoff games in 05-06 = 6gp 1g 3a 4pts
first 13 games in 06-07 before injury = 13gp 8g 5a 13pts

Total of sequence = 45gp 26g 15a 41pts

And you don't see any offensive upside to Higgy???

Originally Posted by StreiMMermlik View Post
He gets big minutes on the PP, but I really can't see how this guy is labelled as a future star if he's not able to produce with one of the good center in the NHL.
Actually, last year and the year before, Higgins did not get big PP minutes as you presume (or again, I presume you know this is untrue, but want to add false weight to your feeble arguments, in the purpose of trying to sound logical in explaining why you don't like Higgy) Higgy sent most of his PP time last year on the second unit. Also, he did produce with a good NHL center, Koivu, mainly the reason WHY koivu kept hin with him, because they have chemistry and they produce. Same for Ryder.

Originally Posted by StreiMMermlik View Post
Habs fan label him as the future captain/face of the franchise, but I can't see where he has such an outstanding leadership. Never stays to talk to the medias... or almost never.
Again, those are not the real facts. He does go to the media often. Wake-up man, I mean, did you see the A on his shirt and the interviews he had in the media????? You are abstracting reality. It seems you are trying to convince yourself as I don't see the purpose of trying to convince people with falsehoods.

Originally Posted by StreiMMermlik View Post
Plus, when the Habs are going towards a bad streak, all he does is bash the other players' game and especially blame Kovalev. I'd much rather see Komisarek as our next captain.
Interpretations. Higgy was right about Kovy and it takes captain blood to come out the way he did at such a young age.

Originally Posted by StreiMMermlik View Post
This is not a bashing thread. For all what I care... but I would like to see him used more efficiently. He's great on the forecheck, protects the puck well... but :

He doesn't have much of a big hockey sense.
He is not an outstanding passer.
He is not the best goal scorer.
That is : In your opinion. He has one of the best hockey senses on the team, I concur he is not the best passer, but scorer?? Nobody on the team was able to equal Higgy's scoring sequences. He is USED effeciently. He gets more PK minutes than PP because he's our best player on the PK.

I really think you are trying to convince yourself.

Originally Posted by StreiMMermlik View Post
Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't know. I can't see this player fetch much more than 50 pts in a season. you can't learn hockey sense. You have it or you don't. Even Latendresse produced when matched with Saku last year.
Again, ridiculous argument. He managed to equal his first season point total while playing 21 games less, without the injury, many agree Higgins would've hit at least 60points. Higgy produced more on the first line than Tender (I get the feeling you are a Tender fan who sees Higgy as a bane in Tender's development because in your mind Higgy is taking Tender's rightful place, am I wrong?).

Originally Posted by StreiMMermlik View Post
Add me to your ignore list if you want, delete my thread... lynch me... I really don't want to offense anybody. But in my opinion some fans are expecting too much from a VERY normal player.
In my opinion, some fans are absolute dolts when it comes to analyzing a player's talent, especially finding facts related to the said player.

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