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03-21-2004, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner

dude its a hockey board


lundmark did a great job today proving me wrong
dude your reply proved how credible your babble is...... you are hanging your hat on todays game???like i said opportunistic.....

what has holik done in his two years here to for his point of view to be taken seriously? what has lundmark done in his two years here to deserve to play with jagr?

oh yeah thats right lundmark has two goals but its his linemates.
how about the 7 goals in 13 games last year??? oh wait you forgot that didnt you

man this is great... its been one year since lundmark was last on his game now hes already a bust when we are so quick to give dvo 3 years to get back into form... hlavac the same... tom poti the same... but wait sather has done a great job rebuilding and drafting yet we havent made the playoffs and have gotten worse yet we can be patient??? such a double standard, fans like you are only looking for an argument because nothing justifies what you are saying especially in the mannor as if we are stupid for thinking lundmark still has a chance... i think you should rethink your stance because fact remains lundmark has only been a bust for 50 games because last year im sure no one not even you had any complaints at the seasons end

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