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03-21-2004, 06:45 PM
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I think Renney...

Originally Posted by Fletch
Yeah, look what had to happen for him to be in the position of being a seller at the trade deadline. Four years. Four wasted years. But it doesn't matter, really. He shed guys like Graves, Quintal, Taylor and others, and what happened with the players the Rangers got in return? I don't remember seeing them much. And it's too early to be praising for what we've got now. It's nice to have NHL-ready youth, draft picks and all, but who knows how good these kids are, and who knows what Sather does on draft day, and who knows if Sather just uses these guys for trading chips to gets what's available and keep the Rangers in this never-ending cycle of sucking. I am hopeful, but I can't stop thinking about the last four years under Sather, and can't stop thinking that there are a few more years left with him in charge.

And by the VP Player Development a full-time job? Just wondering because the Rangers' head coach has that title. Kind of like being President, GM, head coach, et al. Makes so much sense that few, if any, around the league does all these days.
goes back to that job at the end of the year. My prediction for coach next year - Bobby Francis. He's the son of Emile Francis, and Quenneville will get his shot at whatever job he wants.

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