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03-21-2004, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by doug mckenzie
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my opinion ,
daganais ,because we got so much depth right now ,can sit in the press box and we wouldnt miss him at all.
now having said that ,all the bashers please give it a break.the guy has a rocket of a shot,and some how has some fairly good stats.
he needs to improve his skating big thats something he can work on in the off season.anyone remember jason ward?i heard the same stuff about his skating abilities.he worked on it and has became a better player.
so let's cut dags some slack(he should be enrolling with a power skating coach this summer)
worse comes to worse he has to be worth a hell of a lot more to some team out there than chad kilger..its a win ,win.if he improves his skating this summer we got a heck of a player,that we can trade for something other than what we recived for chad kilger..
again i say to you remember jason ward..
Ward? Give me a break. I think my avatar might give away my opinion on Dags but as far as I'm concerned, I couldn't care less about Dagenais' skating. This is not his problem. Unlike Ward, Dagenais' problem is a LACK OF COMMITMENT, DESIRE TO COMPETE AND BE INTENSE EVERY SHIFT. It has always been that way, everywhere he went, from juniors to now. He's 26yo and mark my words, will never change his ethic. He's not a team player and more and more useless in a defensive system like Julien's. Ryder isn't the best skater. We have others on the team or the system that arn't either. It's a mistake to think this is the real problem with this pylon. It wouldn't even be an issue if he had showed AT ANY POINT a will to hustle and go all out every game, which he never did.

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